Top 10 Items for Large Loans

When individuals find their way into a high-end pawn shop in search of a short-term loan or some quick cash, they want more than anything for their goods to fetch a premium price. The fact of the matter is that certain items will net more than others here at Pacific Beach Loan & Jewelry, and the following is a look at the five items customers have the most success with when working with our brokers.

#1 Precious Metals

Without question, jewelry is one of the most profitable things a person can pawn, and it fetches the most money with brokers because it typically is among the best-selling items at the shop. However, it isn’t just about the jewelry, but the metal used in the jewelry, which many see as an investment, even when melted down. Precious metals (gold, in particular) appreciate over time, so any gold and jewelry pawn shop will have a lot of interest in gold and other valuable metal items, whether it’s in the form of jewelry or something else.

#2 Gems

Another benefit of pawning jewelry comes via gems, which are incredibly valuable in their own right. Diamonds obviously are the most valuable precious gems, but there are many others that can fetch good prices when pawned. Diamonds and other gems of a certain size and quality can be among the most valuable items an individual can pawn.

#3 Handbags

Designer handbag brands can bring back considerable cash at a pawn shop. While there are many popular brand names that do well in our shop, we especially love Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, and Coach. Designer handbags can serve as quick, easy collateral for a loan through a high-end pawn shop.

#4 Smart Devices

Pawn shops are a great place to find value in electronic devices like tablets and smartphones. As with many things, the newer and more feature-laden the technology, the higher a price it is likely to fetch. Our customers are always looking for the latest and greatest in iPhones and iPads, so don’t hesitate to request estimates on those smart devices you can live without.

#5 Televisions

Big-screen televisions never go out of style, and people do often shop for great deals on TVs at their local pawn shop. The larger the television and the better the brand, the more likely it is to fetch a hefty return, and features like curved screens and 4K resolution are even better.

#6 Designer Watches

Rolex watches are among the most successful items we stock in our shop, though there are other brands of luxury watches that also do well. A collection of designer watches is the sort of thing that can sit around in a closet untouched for years, which means it could be better served as a means of earning some quick cash at your local pawn shop.

#7 Power Tools

Purchased brand new, power tools can be expensive, which is why so many customers turn to Pacific Beach Loan & Jewelry for the best in brand-name power tools. Makita, Stihl, and Bosch are some of the more popular brands that we stock, but we love all working power tools in good aesthetic condition.

#8 Musical Instruments

While we dabble in many different types of instruments, the most popular at our shop are guitars, basses, and drum sets. The most valuable guitar brands for those looking to maximize their returns are Gibson and Fender, while drum set makers like Yamaha, Ludwig, and Pearl are among the top-rated brands. We do take other instruments, but guitars and drums typically fetch the most value.

#9 Cameras

The quality of cameras made available to consumers these days has improved tremendously, and we have plenty of customers who always are looking for the best and newest cameras and accessories from the top brand names. From Nikon to Canon, we love taking in DSLR cameras and all the accompanying accessories, including flashes, lenses, and tripods.

#10 Recreational Equipment

Here in San Diego, recreational equipment like skateboards, surfboards, and boogie boards are popular, as well. If you’ve got something that would be great for recreation here in SoCal, we’re interested in it, and depending on the condition and brand, it could be worth quite in terms of a short-term loan.

Obtain a Loan in San Diego

People try to pawn all sorts of things, but the truth is that we only can offer top dollar for the items we know are going to sell well in our shop. These ten items are tried-and-true in our experience, so if you’re looking for a quick loan or fast cash and have any of these items lying around your house, don’t hesitate to bring them by Pacific Beach Pawn & Jewelry today!